A Personalized Approach

Four Key Steps towards Reaching Your Automation Goals

Your business interests as an End User may not always align with the AGV vendor’s commercial interests. The only way to avoid this divergence is a personalized and independent approach that focuses on Your Needs.

Step 1. Application Study & Analysis

We provide a ’vendor-agnostic’ study of your potential AGV applications.

Step 2. Specification Development

We help you to develop a specification for your new AGV application.

Step 3. Vendor Selection

We help you select a viable pool of AGV vendors and establish a selection process that works in your favor.

Step 4. Manage the Project

We work with you to make sure the AGV system is implemented and deployed correctly.

About AGVConsult BV

Taking the Risk out of Your Automation Projects

AGVConsult BV was founded with the single intention of helping companies that are planning to invest in AGV technology. AGVConsult BV will ask the right questions from the beginning that will lead towards a much more precise selection of appropriate automation solutions.

About Jaap van der Werff

Founder and Owner of AGVConsult BV

25+ years of experience

Entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience in strategic planning, business development and executive management.

A-list Companies

During this time he was successful selling large-scale automation projects for A-list customers.

Jaap van der Werff, CEO AGVConsult

World Wide

Selling large-scale automation projects in Australia, Korea, Singapore, Europe, The Middle East and North America.

CEO and Chairman

Served as CEO of a highly innovative AGV company, and as Chairman of the AGVS Product Section of the Material Handling Industry of America.

“Now is the RIGHT time to invest in AGVs”

- Jaap van der Werff, Founder AGVConsult BV


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